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Mobile Applications 

Leading Edge, Affordable Mobile Technology Solutions

Save money, boost profits, and enjoy the technical sophistication that surpasses what the biggest fleets used to boast about. With touch-screen simplicity and integrated turn-by-turn navigation, our in-vehicle system has the features you need and the price you want.

Discover TranAir™, the innovative and high-tech mobile solution pioneered by TranWare™. Our new next­ generation Android tablet TranAir™ system includes everything your fleet needs to stay ahead of the pack. Our “Total Solution” software and hardware packages have been optimized for taxi, paratransit, shuttle and other ground transportation fleets from 30 to 1,000 or more vehicles.

They lead the industry in power, ease of use, reliability and affordability.

So fasten your seatbelts! With TranAir’s™ new integrated, attractive yet cost effective system in your vehicles, here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • A fast, streamlined, easy to use and driver-familiar interface
  • Bright, easy to read color touch-screens that guide drivers through the job process and display the most relevant features as drivers need them
  • Fully automated dispatch using TranWare™ software Full GPS vehicle tracking
  • Touch-screen satellite navigation, turn-by-turn maps and voice, and constantly updated maps Customer debit, loyalty and credit cards processing with “swipe and go” power
  • Dedicated “zone” status display with automatic refresh Easy one-touch driver-to-dispatch messaging
  • Provides a fully programmable “soft-meter” which simulates a physical taximeter functionality including waiting time.
  • Support for multiple jobs simultaneously

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